Corporate, Events, and Live Stage

Videography Services and Pricing

Videography Services Details

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Corporate, Event, Live Stage Videography Services

On location event and live stage services include:

$150 per hour on location filming - One hour minimum.

• We may use up to 7 video cameras during filming for your event.

• We capture audio via wireless lapel mics, wav recorders, mixing console feeds, and shotgun mics.

• We use a variety of video tripods, tripod dollies, gimbal stabilizers, and handheld rigs.

%50 retainer deposit and singed contract required for booked services.

Corporate, Event, Live Stage Video Services

Production and Editing Services Includes:
$50 per with an on location filming contract - Reduced rates available for large project editing.
$70 per hour as editing services only.

• Multi Camera Editing; Cinematic Style, Promotional Style, Corporate Style, or Commercial Style.

• Integration of PowerPoint presentations, Excel or Word Docs, still images, and other Graphics.
(Client provided files unless otherwise quoted)

• Use of Company Logos, Photoshop or Illustrator layers.
(Client provided files unless otherwise quoted)

• Name, Credential and title slides. Company contact info slides.

• Creation of Film Intros, Date and Name slides, and End Credit lists.

• File Type Renders for MP4, DVD, and Blu-ray. For use on DVD/Blu-Ray players, Websites, Social Media, Youtube, or Vimeo.

• DVD builds includes customized menus, and hand placed chapter points for skipping ahead.
DVD/Blu-ray in slim jewel cases, with customized printed disc lables & case cover inserts.
(Blank media, cases or labels priced separately)

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