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Videography Services and Pricing

Since 2009, Gray Area Photography and Video, Providing Professional Video filming and editing Services for Corporate, Events, and Live Stage Performance in the Northern VA area.

Corporate & Business: Training & Instructional Videos, Interviews, Promo Videos, Meetings, Events, Conferences, Seminars, Summits, Parties, Ceremonies, Presentations, Milestones,
Events & Live Stage Performance: Dance Academy’s, Live Stage Productions, Theater Groups, Events & Parties, Social Gatherings, Bands & Musicians.
Websites: For Promo Videos, Introductions, Service Details, Interviews, Client Testimonials.


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Videography Services Details

Corporate, Event, Live Stage Videography Services

On location event and live stage services include:

$150 per hour on location filming - One hour minimum.

• We may use up to 7 video cameras during filming for your event.

• We capture audio via wireless lapel mics, wav recorders, mixing console feeds, and shotgun mics.

• We use a variety of video tripods, tripod dollies, gimbal stabilizers, and handheld rigs.

%50 retainer deposit and singed contract required for booked services.

Corporate, Event, Live Stage Video Services

Production and Editing Services Includes:
$50 per with an on location filming contract - Reduced rates available for large project editing.
$70 per hour as editing services only.

• Multi Camera Editing; Cinematic Style, Promotional Style, Corporate Style, or Commercial Style.

• Integration of PowerPoint presentations, Excel or Word Docs, still images, and other Graphics.
(Client provided files unless otherwise quoted)

• Use of Company Logos, Photoshop or Illustrator layers.
(Client provided files unless otherwise quoted)

• Name, Credential and title slides. Company contact info slides.

• Creation of Film Intros, Date and Name slides, and End Credit lists.

• File Type Renders for MP4, DVD, and Blu-ray. For use on DVD/Blu-Ray players, Websites, Social Media, Youtube, or Vimeo.

• DVD builds includes customized menus, and hand placed chapter points for skipping ahead.
DVD/Blu-ray in slim jewel cases, with customized printed disc lables & case cover inserts.
(Blank media, cases or labels priced separately)


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