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"A must for newly engaged couples"

Engagement sessions are an integral part of the wedding experience, and super fun!
Think of a relaxing afternoon spent walking around a park or one of your favorite places taking some photos while getting to know your photographer, it's the perfect way to build a relationship and know what to expect from them on the big day. Even if you don't like having your photo taken, or can't stand the thought of posing, not to worry, I shoot with the long zoom lens and I'll be far enough away you wont even know I'm there.

Here's the cool part, there are a ton of fun ideas out there on ways to use your photos. Once your pics are done you can use then to make your guest book, or a photo collage, or use one in a large photo frame matte for guests to sign then hang it on your wall later.

• No pressure, just a fun time.


• I'm not a fan of over-posing, I like when it's natural and organic.


• So many great uses for the photos at your wedding.