Frequently Asked Questions
and Other information

Frequently Asked Questions
and Other information


Do you have a back up camera?

Yes, absolutely! I shoot with 2 pro-level Nikon full frame DSLR rigs with Nikkor FX gold-ring lenses. And also have a Panasonic 4K DSLR as a 3rd backup.

What is your PHOTOGRAPHIC style?

I'm storyteller and my approach is documentary. I'm generally not a fan of over posing my subjects, I much prefer letting people fall naturally and organically into their own "pose". I genuinely believe this is how folks feel most comfortable and look the most like themselves. But I certainly will offer ideas and suggestions when needed.

Do you do your own editing?

Yes! 100%. I took all the photos & videos you see on here my website. And I take pride in my years of extensive photo and video editing, and I would never consider farming out editing to a 3rd party editor. I touch every photo you receive from me at least 4-5 times before I release it. Color correction is also very important to me. I also have years of audio recording experience and pay a lot of attention to capturing great audio of your vows in videos.

Do I get all of the photos from the wedding?

Every wedding is different, and while I don't count the number of frames I shoot, it typically runs between 50-80 per hour, sometimes more, sometimes less. You'll be able to download all your photos upon completion of the editing process.

How far in advance should I book you?

I usually book weddings 6 to 12 months in advance. I do only take a limited number of weddings each year so that I can concentrate on delivering the best possible experience and quality to each of those clients.

Do your packages include a 2nd shooter?

No, and possibly yes. After 11 years covering weddings I've more often found working with a 2nd shooter more of a distraction then a benefit. I'm the primary photographer and thus the creative vision and shooting methods are mine. Being the only shooter allows for more control over consistency and creative direction in the images I deliver to you. It's important to me to give my clients my full attention and focus on your wedding day with as least distraction as possible. However, the yes part of the my answer is my wife acts as my assistant with video and as a possible 2nd still shooter if my client has some specific needs. If the need for a 2nd is for large scale weddings or other specific coverage needs, then I'm happy to bring in a 2nd professional at a fee.

Your next 3 steps for Booking


Design your package

Choosing your services, and narrowing down what works best with your plans, timeline, and perhaps budget gives me the info I need to provide you with a quote. I can help walk you thru picking services, planning a timeline, and choosing what works best.


Sign the contract

The agreement I send you is pretty simple. It will include details about your wedding and the services I'm going to provide. It'll include our names, wedding date, a list of the services, payment schedule, and any other important details pertaining to your package.


Pay first Retainer

Lastly is making your retainer, which will be %50 of your total package quote cost. Retainer payments are made conveniently online. The retainer is required to ensure that my services and my schedule are securely set aside and locked in for you and your wedding date.

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"wonderful to work with"

Off the bat my fiance and I loved his style. We liked that he didn't just do a 'highlight' video, rather one that really captured the feel and look of the wedding day. His videos are real, beautiful, and artistic. We loved the different wedding packages he offered, he had a good variety to choose from that could work with our budget. he really took the time to listen to what we wanted and discuss his services so that we were all on the same page. Donnie was wonderful to work with, he's a really nice guy that knows what he's doing.

~ Vanessa & Dennis

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