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I hear from countless couples who say how glad they are they made the choice for video! Your wedding goes by fast a lot happens that you miss, with video you can watch it happen!

I've been providing video for weddings professionally for 10 years. And I've learned every couple has different needs and wedding planning can be overwhelming with choices. So I set up my video services to be simple with a hourly rates on two different packages, with a few a la carte options for customizing letting you choose what works best for you. We cover weddings from 1 to 10 hours, weddings for just video, weddings for just photos, and our most popular requested package is both photos and video.

I believe in delivering quality and experience with every documentary style wedding video I film and edit. I only take about 15 weddings a year, available weekends can fill up quickly. So if you're interested to learn more about my services email, call or text me to see how we can help make your wedding happening with video!

Wedding Video Options & Pricing

Wedding Video Lite Packages:
Less camera angles, simplier video editing, final video shorter in length, delivered as digital video mp4.
$300 - Hourly rate for Wedding Video Lite coverage.

Wedding Video Full Coverage Packages:
More camera angles, more video editing, final video longer in length, delivered as digital video mp4.
$350 - Hourly rate for Wedding Video Full Coverage.

A la Carte Wedding Video Services:
$350 - Ceremony only Video package (Under 40 mins).
$600 - Ceremony only Video package. (Over 45 mins)
$250 - 5 DVDs in slim cases, with labels and case cover.
$300 - 2-4 min highlight reel, edited in music video style.
$200 - Get all your RAW out-of-camera footage on usb.

*Discounts for non-peak months November to March.
*Discounts offered to Military 10%.

See all the Video package details below.

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Wedding Video Package Details

What you’ll get includes:

• A fully edited documentary style wedding video – with all the live sights and sounds as it happened.

• Edited with care, attention to detail, and personal touches, to help make your wedding video special.

• We capture your ceremony in full, B-roll of your venue and decorations, the important moments from your reception, and lots of candid video of all the fun.

• Video Lite packages:
Uses less camera angles, a simplier approach during editing, your final video length about 60 min.

• Video Full coverage packages:
Uses more camera angles, more time and attention during editing, your final video length about 90 mins.

• Your final video as high resolution digital video mp4.
• DVD's or Blu-ray's are available as a A la Carte items.

Pro Quality Video editing includes:

• An opening introduction to your video, will be customized with your names and wedding date.

• Scene transitions – used to tell your story by fading to different parts of your wedding video.

• Special Video effects used in just a few places to soften or standout a few choice moments of your video.

• We'll use your wedding day colors for any fonts, text, or effects to give your video that personal touch.

• Your video will end with an outtake clip and a scrolling list of names of your wedding party and loved ones.

More Wedding Video Film Details

What and how we film it includes:

• Your Ceremony filmed in full length – Up to 6 video cameras may be used with full coverage packages, 2-3 cameras with lite packages.

• We'll mic your pastor/officiant and the groom with wireless lapel mic's to capture your vows up close.

• We also use high quality shotgun mic's to capture all the other sounds from your ceremony.

• We film a lot at your Reception - your intro, first dance, toasts, cake cutting, bouquet toss, dancing, and your exit.
Less footage captured with "Lite" packages.

• And we'll use multiple camera angles to capture some of those special moments during your reception.
"Lite" packages may use only one camera.

• We film a lot of miscellaneous B-roll footage – clips of your cake, guest book, gifts table, front of venues.
Less B-roll with the "Lite" packages.

Our Equipment and capturing techniques:

• Your footage is captured with Pro-level HD video cameras, Nikon DLSR’s & Lenses, GoPro’s.

• We use an assortment of accessories to help capture all your footage and audio like tripods, stabilizers, sliders, and hand-held rigs to make your footage look great.

• We use high-end Sony wireless lapel mic’s, Sennheiser and Rode shotgun mic’s.

More Wedding Video Film Details

A la Carte Items:

• A la Carte DVD production &200 – includes:
- A customized Main Menu and Sub Menu for scene select – with a photo, your names and wedding date.
- Chapter points are carefully selected in your DVD to jump to your favorite moment with your DVD remote.
- 5 Standard DVDs or Blu-rays – in jewel cases with a personalized printed case cover and DVD label.
*Additional DVDs or Blu-rays – $10/ea.

• A la Carte highlight reel video $250 – includes:
- A 2-4 minute highlight reel set to music of your choice.
- Your wedding day told in a short music video style edit.
- Internet ready mp4 for you to share on social media.

•A la Carte unedited RAW footage $250 – includes:
- We film a lot of footage, and you can have all the RAW out of camera clips that we film.
- Loaded on a flash drive, or external HD that you provide, and mailed to your home.

• Wedding Day Ceremony Only Video Package
- $350 – Video of just your ceremony (Under 40 mins).
- $600 – Video of just your ceremony (Over 45 mins).
- Includes: 2-3 cameras, wireless lapel mic's, personalized editing, your final video as high resolution digital video mp4.

* Important notes: Set up time is often considered and counted as part of total coverage hours. All packages require a 50% reserve deposit and signed contract for scheduling and booking dates.

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