Monika & Ben – Rosemont Manor Wedding Photographer

One reason I feel engagement sessions are so important to the wedding experience is because the day “I” show up for your wedding we are already friends, the very reason when I arrived as Monika and Ben’s Rosemont Manor Wedding Photographer that things just flowed right into place. I live 2 mins from Rosemont in Berryville, and I’ve known the owner and wedding coordinator for many years, so its always a pleasure when I can cover a wedding there. And let’s just was that it’s probably one of the top premiere wedding venues in the region. Monika and Ben’s wedding was unique in that it poured buckets of rain right in the middle of their ceremony and just before the rain started one of Ben’s sons got light headed and nearly toppled over. But he was fine, and everyone was ushered in quickly just in time as the pouring rains came. I’m always pleasantly surprised when a wedding day flows in a relaxed way, and this wedding was one of those. Aside from the rain interruption, the rest of their wedding day was wonderful, a happy couple, happy family.
RosemontRosemont Manor Wedding Photographer


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