Sarah & Cam – Wedding Photographer Shenandoah Valley

I don’t recall covering a wedding at a location as beautiful as this one for Sarah and Cam, being a Wedding Photographer in Shenandoah Valley does come with its advantages. So this actually happened to be on their grandparents family home, which according to Sarah had not been lived in for sometime. The home and grounds were just amazing with sweeping views of the mountains, valley, and a river set the scene as the backdrop off the back yard of the property for their wedding. But more than that, Sarah and her family did a fantastic job on all the decorations and wedding day decor. For me the job was easy and super fun, shoot a wedding for super cool and nice folks at a beautiful location on a perfect summer day!
Wedding Photographer in Shenandoah ValleyWedding Photographer in Shenandoah ValleyWedding Photographer in Shenandoah Valley


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