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When I left my house to go be a Winchester VA engagement photographer it was a warm sunny summer day. Feeling good and ready to meet up with Elizabeth and Justin for their engagement shoot. 5 mins into the drive I was in a summer downpour, raining so hard you can barely see the road ahead. Pulling onto the interstate the big semi’s made it near impossible to drive in heavy wind blown driving rain, so we pulled onto the shoulder to wait it out. I’m thinking this whole time no way this photo shoot is going to happen, and if it does it will be in the mud. Finally it let up, and as we got closer to Belle Grove in Middletown the sun was starting to peak through, and when we pulled into Belle Grove it looked as if it never rained there. What happened next was an awesome time, meeting up with two amazing folks, getting to know them before covering their wedding day, all while walking around the ground of this beautiful location and shaping photos!

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